Design Mistakes Made, Twinkies Denied

Ernest Adams, game designer and in recent years more commonly game commentator and lecturer, has posted the seventh annual edition of his Designer's Notebook column Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! Each year, Adams highlights poor game design decisions or oversights sent in by gamers. This year's submissions include a lack of new game features introduced past the first few levels, invisible crosshairs, inability to change brightness in-game, unsaved game configurations, and more.
I already mentioned bad configuration mechanisms back in No Twinkie V, but I hadnÂ’t realized quite how many ways there were to screw up such an utterly trivial feature. Battlefield 2 doesnÂ’t save your control profile with your game profile, so when you sit down at a new computer, youÂ’ve suddenly got to reconfigure the keys againÂ… and in a game like Battlefield 2, there are a lot of keys. And when you set up a new game profile, Ben says, the new profile goes back to the default control configuration again. Furthermore, according to the GameSpot review, you have to sort through multiple pages to unbind a key before you can bind it to something else.

Multiple pages? What a nuisance! You would think the scrolling list box had never been invented. Put a list of all the current bindings, all the unbound keys, and all the unbound functions on one screen.

Any unfortunately common design faux pas that really grind your gears?