UT2004 Sound Blaster Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 10, 2006 7:24am PDT

Creative has released a patch for Unreal Tournament 2004, adding enhanced weapon sounds and music to the game specifically for Sound Blaster X-Fi owners. According to the company; "Weapons and music both now use multiple voices for a bigger sound, and three dimensional panning for use with multi-speaker set-ups to surround you with sound." Thanks Blues News.

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  • Thumbs up for Epic still supporting their games years after their release and bringing in new features, vehicles, etc. for FREE unlike a certain few companies... i.e. EA(boosterpacks) and Bethesda(mini additions that should have been included instead of giving the feeling that we paid for a game that didn't include all the features originally and have to pay for them instead)

    I really believe that if anyone is thinking...this doesn't affect me, or "too little too late" that they should at LEAST consider the above, along with Epic's strong support for the modding community. After all, in the end it was the modding community and Epics everlasting support of it that helped increase the longevity of the game and the engine itself. I remember how excited i was when the 1 million dollar modding competition was going on...seeing all these original mods/total conversions/enhancements coming out.

    Epic has been IMO, from their good old 2d arcade games to their big shooters, a great company who won't abandon their games and view the modding community as a great commodity to have instead of thinking of them as "hackers" who are imbalancing the game or ruining the developers view of what the game should be, or mocking them.

    So far, Epic is still among my favorite gaming companies, along with Irrational and the long deceased Westwood. Blizzard has long since fallen from my list after it abandoned all it's RTS/RPG franchises and seems bent on milking WoW players and seems(so far at least) to have no intention on going back to its roots. I guess Hellgate: London will have to do :) with about half their staff being former Diablo series devs I think they should be a group with lots of potential.

    But again, how many of the BIG companies keep adding features for free? Bethesda had their breaking point. EA as well. Monolith added new mulitplayer modes as well, but it's not like the game is even a year old yet, so if they keep adding features and the like for a few more years, then I'll be impressed. Same goes for Valve...props to them for adding new maps and a new game mode to DoD: Source, but I can't say I'm much for the "chapters" are sold for Half life 2...

    ahh well...enough ranting :) I went off topic... best to read the first paragraph and half of the 2nd paragraph since those are straight to the point...the rest is a bit of rambling :P