Battlefield 2 Beta Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 05, 2006 3:27pm PDT

If you're feeling especially sassy, there is a beta patch 1.4 available for Battlefield 2. One of the new options is a No Vehicles toggle on servers, allowing for infantry only combat. There is also an additional map.

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  • Hmm opatch seems ok, there was no CTD for me as there has been with 1.3. Keep in mind with the beta there is only 1 map you can play with, and chances are, 1 server near you with a decent ping.

    I need to look at the change log for this patch, something seemed wonky gameplay wise.. is this a stabliity patch? ot are there balancing tests too? I hope it was just the guys i was playing with, but there seemed to be a lot of bunny hopping, almost like they increased all the classes stamina.... I hope thats not the case. Plus it seems the Spec ops gun has less power but maybe thats just me...

    again, i gotta look... <gumbles and wanders off looking for patch notes...>