Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tactical Gaming...

Interested in tactical video games? Shacker Dslyecxi has crafted an exhaustive treatise on the genre, complete with screenshots, photographs, and videos, called "Tactical Gaming Done Right, according to Dslyecxi." He sums it up as "outstanding examples in current games, areas that could use improvement, and general commentary on the genre." The work spans three pages and over 22,000 words, comprehensively delving into a huge number of gameplay components within the pantheon of tactical games as well as what more can be done to bring the genre closer to the ideal. "Anyone who knows me knows that realism is where my gaming passion lies," says Dsylecxi, and to that end he has included plenty of real world videos illustrating situations tactical games attempt to emulate.
The main objectives of this article are to increase awareness of unique or exceptional elements that have been successfully integrated into past FPS games (with an emphasis on the tactical/realistic side of things), highlight and praise implementations of "standard" features that were done particularly well in others, and give me a platform from which I can provide commentary on the various features and options relevant to the future of the genre that I find myself so very interested in.

Some of the areas I will be talking about have very clear-cut winners, and they will be cited prominently. In other areas, things are not so clear, and so a discussion will be made between the various games and their implementations. Some things I've written have yet to be implemented, and while much of that is relegated to the second-to-last 'chapter', it does show up occasionaly prior to that.

Despite the hefty amount of content, the author notes that there were various features he was unable to address within the scope of this article, and plans to revisit the topic in the near future.