Hitman: Blood Money Movie

By Maarten Goldstein, May 18, 2006 6:42pm PDT

The latest Hitman: Blood Money movie trailer is now available, this time showing the various guns that Agent 47 can use. Thanks 3D Gamers. In related news, GameSpot mentions a demo will be released on Monday.

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  • The gameplays always been "there" for this franchise. Just slightly askew of being smooth and perfect (like the controller's not even in your hand). The broken setups (Pickup poison, Knockout Butler, Dress as Butler, Deliver Poison) instead of having it just be one way like this and work only one way, I hope they leave how you can kill someone or just make the setups easier to figure out.. not numerous steps to make a kill look how it's supposed too, even if they do, tell us what to do and in what order.. Anyway, ranting off. This game looks great, the no screenies is because your not looking hard enough, magazines have huge full page pics..