Return of Al Lowe

It seems that veteran adventure game designer Al Lowe, famous for his Leisuire Suit Larry series of graphic adventures, has been lying low(e) for a while now, planning his return to the video game industry. Today that return was made official, as Lowe's new studio iBase announced its own creation, and the introduction of a new video game protagonist from Lowe: Sam Suede. The first game starring the new character is entitled "Sam Suede: Undercover Exposure." It is the first in a genre Lowe calls "action comedy."

"I needed a good reason to abandon my strenuous life of Mai Tais and golf, and this proved to be it," said Lowe, Chief Creative Officer of iBase Entertainment. "Ken and I are creating a game that's big on humor, and provides the fun and exploration lacking in many of today's games. I've always wanted to play a game about a common man thrust into extraordinary circumstances and surrounded by beautiful women. Sam Suede is that game."... "Al and I noticed how easy it is to find action comedy movies, but not action comedy games," said Wegrzyn, CEO of iBase Entertainment. "And thus was born the action comedy genre, with our first project Sam Suede: Undercover Exposure."
The developer's official site specifically states that Sam Suede is "not an adventure game." Rather, "Sam is an action game that has laughs where other games use violence." Sam Suede: Undercover Exposure is set to ship for PC in 2007.