The Mod Summit

1UP has a Mod Summit article, reprinting a recent Computer Gaming World feature. Various developers are asked about companies supporting the mod scene, while former mod-team project leads who are now working on retail games are asked about that transition. The last page of the article features interviews with current mod makers, asking them about the ability to take risks, developer support, things developers can do better, and handling feedback.
CGW: Given the exponential complexity of perpetually "next-gen" games with enormously complex 3D environments and increasingly sophisticated A.I. reactions, are you making mod toolkits more or less easy to pick up?

JM: We've put a lot of time and effort into making tools for Unreal Engine 3 that are easier to use and more productive than past generations'. We needed to do this in order to offset the added complexity of next-generation game development. As a small development team, we have to constantly push the quality and productivity envelope to remain competitive with much larger shops. This creates a windfall for our games' modmakers because they can benefit from our investment in this area and also be more productive than people making mods for games that don't use our technology.