Huxley Screenshots

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 13, 2006 1:51pm PST

Webzen sends along six new screenshots from Huxley, showing more pretty imagery from this Unreal Engine 3 powered MMOFPS. Huxley takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where Sapiens and Alternatives (both mutated human races) fight each other and a third faction called The Hybrids for world domination.

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  • I think this will work better then planetside because it has a PvE component. That makes it much more realistic to have things like mission terminals and a workable economy.

    Perhaps someday in the future, all PvP MMO FPS games will work. But to get there we either need some more "failures" along the road, or some games where PvE is the primary game mode and PvP can be somewhat of a Sandbox. EQ2 and WoW both run on this model, and I think the next generation of MMORPG's will benefit a lot from the lessons learned (they'll probibally learn even more from guild wars, but that's another thing...).

    I think for an MMOFPS to be successful, it has to play more like WoW or EQ2, where small groups (5-10 dudes) attempt to accomplish specific "quests" or goals as the primary gameplay, with the occisional content involving larger groups (say 15-30?) doing very large "raid" type missions. And once in a while have a really big GM event that brings out the zerg.

    A PvE FPS can do this with some varation of the SWG model, with mission elements spawning as the party arrives on the scene. You could even spawn the entrance to an instance zone and maybe some perimter guards and stuff. Even raid content could work like this if the developer does it just right. Of course, there's always random enemy patrols running aroud too, from foot patrols all the way up to tank companies and air sweeps (maybe depending on zone?)

    Planetside, on the other hand (and I haven't played it in a long time), is all zerg, all the time. The only real goal in the game (besides leveling up) is continent locks, which is neither small nor short-term. I realize some people really like the game and it's style, but I think most players would be happier with something more like twitch-WoW.

    I could really go on and on with my personal silly ideas of what would make a good MMPFPS but this is too long as it is.