PlanetSide Goes Kind Of Free

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 20, 2006 7:20am PST

The PlanetSide forums have a new post by SOE's Enrico Pallazzo, outlining plans for this MMOFPS as the developers are planning to add several new vehicles and weapon variants. New players meanwhile will be able to play the game free of charge for up to 12 months. They will however be limited in how far they can move up on the BattleRank and CommanderRank. Thanks Evil Avatar.

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  • I can remember way back in beta people were complaining about the lack of objectives to achieve in Planetside, there were talks about adding in capture the flag and having grand tournaments etc. etc. The devs posted a basic response that Planetside had just as many objectives if not more than the average FPS, I mean look at games like BF2 – capture the base, fight, and move onto the next.

    The one thing that they forgot was to add a sense of skill to the game, with the cone of fire added to all the weapons there was no sense of really needing to aim the weapons, point in the general direction of the enemy and hold down the mouse button, whoever had the fewest hit points lost.

    True, games like BF2 also have a cone of fire and randomness to almost all the weapons but there’s still a perceived feeling that mouse aiming skills are effective against your enemy.