BioWare Writing Contest

BioWare today announced that they are looking to hire new writers. Instead of people sending their resumes however, BioWare is looking for people to create Neverwinter Nights modules. These modules must offer a well paced plot, with proper dialogue and a non-linear structure. People have until January 30th, 2006 to submit their modules, after which the community will vote on the 8 best modules. The writers of those eight modules will then be interviewed by BioWare though even if you aren't hired you'll receive a bunch of swag.

Anyone who has dreamed of writing professionally will find this a unique opportunity to get their work noticed by the right people. We are looking for exceptionally talented writers to help develop our award-winning roleplaying games. BioWare's Director of Design James Ohlen and Assistant Director of Design Kevin Barrett have agreed to make the process of submitting work as easy as possible for writers looking to work for BioWare.