Serious Sam 2 Shots, Released

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 11, 2005 8:50am PDT

2K Games sends along four more Serious Sam 2 screenshots, celebrating the fact that the game is now in stores in North America. Be sure to post your impressions if you have picked up the game.

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  • Okay those two shots on the front page are the best I've seen yet. Look like old serious sam-- tonsa guys running at you in an open field.

    That's all I want!

    Also one thing I noticed-- despite all the detail, none of the environments look as cohesive or inspired as the previous Serious Sam games. Like the egyptian theme in the original was pulled off incredibly well, yet with all the detail in the world the futuristic theme just wasn't very convincing in the SS2 demo.

    But that first shot on the front page gives me hope. That looks freaking sweet.