DOOM Movie Full Trailer

By Steve Gibson, Aug 24, 2005 9:59pm PDT

Well, I think many of us can recall the years and years that have gone by where the topic of the DOOM movie has come up and gone away countless times. It seems the time is finally here now and we just got a hold of the full 2 minute trailer which shows off some of the first person footage that looks to be featured a number of times in the movie. Here it is, the full trailer and a couple of grabs of that first person perspective:

doom_movie1.gif (18671 bytes) doom_movie2.gif (19063 bytes)

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  • 1. Where is Doom?. If there is not pentagrams burning into the wall, twitching corpses hanging from ropes, and sounds of crying babies I will be pissed. Didn't Doom have something to do with hell? And of course Tom Cruise playing pool but mostly hell. Why would you license Doom and then take away the biggest element of its story. If you tell me people are too sensitive to religion then what about Constintine or this new Emily Rose film. Maybe...Maybe by solving the human genome they crossed some sort of line with our creator, perhaps opening a door? An evil mutant teleporting door?

    2.Rip-Off. The guns not resembling Doom at all is okay with me, but they are a complete rip off of Aliens. The scene with them in the space helicopter especially with the red light appears to be a rip off of Predator. Granted these are two very good movies, I think the Doom universe offers plenty of artistic and creative atomsphere and therefore it should be easy to have plenty of unique scenes for such a film.

    3. Poorly edited trailer. For such a short trailer they barely even show anything useful and it has no flow. Why start off with the human genome? Why show just a little of the character if you aren't going to show anything enticing about them? It has no build up or climax and the music is very generic.

    4. First person scenes are way too brightly lit.

    5. I am seeing this at the midnight showing in dallas fully dressed as the Doom marine. Anybody wants to dress as a Pinky and join me hit me up.