Xbox 360 Pricing Announced

Microsoft today officially confirmed Xbox 360 pricing, and after all the rumors it's not surprising to see that Microsoft is indeed going with a HDD-less 360. You'll be able to pick that one up for $299 (it comes with one controller), while an Xbox 360 with a 20 GB hard drive, a wireless controller, a headset and a remote will cost $399. Microsoft also announced the HDD comes preloaded with music, gaming videos and other media, though it didn't specify any of this content. As for the release date? That's still just "Holiday 2005".
Microsoft also announced the price points for over a dozen Xbox 360 accessories, including stand-alone wireless controllers ($50), detachable 20 GB hard drives ($100), headsets ($20) and Xbox 360 faceplates ($20), which allow users to customize their machine. Those hoping to take advantage of the Xbox 360's oft-touted high definition graphics will either need to purchase the $400 bundle or buy separate component cables (which will sell for $40) along with the basic system. The lower-end package will ship with standard AV cables.

According to EuroGamer's article about the announcement the UK versions will be £209.99 and £279.99 while the rest of Europe is paying a premium with a direct USD to EURO conversion (€299.99 and €399.99)