Tetris Creator Working on New Games

WildSnake Software announced that the studio is currently in collaboration with Alexey Pajitnov, the legendary designer of Tetris. Pajitnov has never been a particularly visible figure in the industry, shrugging off much of the potential fame and riches that might have come with designing one of the most popular and imitated games of all time. He has been involved in a few projects since his seminal puzzle masterpiece, but many of his credits have been along the lines of "Thanks To:" and "Based on 'Tetris' By:".

The full announcement follows:

WildSnake Software is excited to announce a collaboration agreement with Alexey Pajitnov, famed creator of Tetris, game designer of Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection, Pandora's Box, Hexic and other all time puzzle lover favorites. The genius game creator will, in the near future, design an exclusive lineup of games for WildSnake Software. The first game in the series is under development right now and will be announced soon.

WildSnake Software has in the past taken part in the development of Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection and Microsoft Pinball Arcade, and now looks forward towards again collaborating with one of the greatest game designers in the world.