SOE Downsizing The Matrix Online

By Maarten Goldstein, Jul 29, 2005 4:52am PDT

Data Node One, the official community site for The Matrix Online has word that Sony Online Entertainment is soon merging several world servers. There are currently nine worlds, but after an August 2 merger there will be only three. Two servers will run under normal PvP rules, the other server will be a Hostile one. Thanks VE3D.

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  • from the newsletter:

    The Matrix Online is a game that, ultimately, is about community; for that reason we want to see that players can meet easily and join together in-game for fun and friendship. Recently, members of the community have noted that it can be difficult to find other players in The Matrix: Mega City. The current level of population density can limit opportunities for socializing with other players which are such a key part of our worlds.

    Bringing Worlds Together

    On August 2, 2005, we will be merging the nine current worlds into three new worlds. This merge should help to increase the number of players on any world at any given time. One world will be Hostile while the other two will run under normal PvP rules. Here is the breakdown of which worlds are being joined together:

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