No Subscription MMORPG Model

This story on Next-Gen although brief gives some quotes from NCSoft about the decision to not charge a monthly fee to play Guild Wars. What it boils down to is that they have to sell 5X the number of copies as someone else doing subscriptions to make the same amount of money. Can they do it? Well Guild Wars has been topping some sales charts for a while now.

NCSoft hopes to create a large enough fan base to guarantee sales of sequels and add-ons. Support costs have been trimmed through new technologies, and there are no free downloads. “There are a lot of new technologies in Guild Wars which other products do not have,” Garriott says. “If others decide this is a good business model they will have to do the things we have done and that will take time. In any business, time is how you win.”

A MM game without a subscription fee is certainly more attractive to me.. and well.. anyone I would think. The motives of Mr. Garriot are almost altruistic for the industry as a whole, but homeboy is lookin to make some cheddar too.