Coffee Talk w/ Rockstar

The latest controversy surrounding GTA titles has been the alleged porn mini-game hidden within San Andreas. Screenshots surfaces a while ago of the Playstation2 version but the real stink started just recently when a mod was released for the PC build so that anyone could get to it. A 'nationwide parental alert' was issued. Now Rockstar Games is making statements:

"So far we have learned that the "hot coffee" modification is the work of a determined group of hackers who have gone to significant trouble to alter scenes in the official version of the game," reads the statement. "In violation of the software user agreement, hackers created the 'hot coffee' modification by disassembling and then combining, recompiling and altering the game's source code. Since the 'hot coffee' scenes cannot be created without intentional and significant technical modifications and reverse engineering of the game's source code, we are currently investigating ways that we can increase the security protection of the source code and prevent the game from being altered by the 'hot coffee' modification."

The modder states that he added nothing to the game when releasing the mod and that all the content was there by Rockstar - "If Rockstar Games denies that, then they're lying, and I will be able to prove that," said Wildenborg, a mod author, in an e-mail to The Associated Press.