World of Warcraft 1.6.0 Patch Released

Blizzard has released the latest World of Warcraft patch, updating v1.5.1 to v1.6.0. The new patch adds Blackwing Lair, the Darkmoon Faire and a battlemasters Battlegrounds queue feature, and also offers a ton of balancing changes.

Nefarian's sanctum, Blackwing Lair, can be found at the very height of Blackrock Spire. It is there in the dark recesses of the mountain's peak that Nefarian has begun to unfold the final stages of his plan to destroy Ragnaros once and for all and lead his army to undisputed supremacy over all the races of Azeroth. Blackwing Lair is a max-level, 40-player raid dungeon, with many new encounters and tempting rewards awaiting the intrepid adventurer that dares enter its halls.