PS3 to be Your Next Home PC?

By Alec Matias, Jun 10, 2005 11:48am PDT

It appears Sony is trying hard to hammer in the point that the PlayStation 3 will not be just a game machine. The PS3's outspoken father, Ken Kutaragi, recently revealed a few surprises about their "entertainment supercomputer" to the Japanese media. First it was that the hard drive (sold separately) would come with a version of Linux pre-installed, allowing it to be recognized as computer. However, that will not be the only operating system that it could theoretically run.

IPCW: So Linux can be run on the Cell? KK: Linux is legacy, but it will be a start. In the case of the Cell, operation systems are applications. The kernel will be running on the Cell, and multiple OSes will be running on top of that as applications. Of course, the PS3 can run Linux. If Linux can run, so can Lindows. Other PC Operating Systems can run too, such as Windows and Tiger (Max OS X 10.4), if the publishers want [them] to do so. Maybe a new OS might come out.
On top of that, Kutaragi suggests that some hardcore PC apps could be more useful on a PS3, such as non-linear video editing software or visual graphics programs. It appears that the idea he's trying to get across is that with an open source product like Linux installed, it'll allow developers and hobbyists to expand the PS3's repertoire.

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  • Consoles will never be the ego shooter platform. Some of them allow you to connect mouse and keyboard, but that simply doesn't fit into the living-room scene. Until they don't invent a good ego shooter controler they will never replace the PC.

    In addition you can use the high end hardware on PCs for different tasks and you have more freedom in online play, installing patches (haha), downloading maps, mods and so on. You're also free to change your hardware anytime you want to and it's pretty easy to program your own software/games.