Bushnell's Next Gaming Venture

Nolan Bushnell, widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of videogames, is set to announce his latest business venture. Taking his previous venture of Chuck E. Cheese and tailoring it to an adult audience, Bushnell hopes to launch a nationwide restaurant chain called uWink Media Bistro.

The uWink Media Bistro restaurantchain (strike one: the name) will have screens at every table and bar stool, each piping videogames, media content and interactive menus to a young-adult dining crowd which will, he's convinced, use the shared-gaming experience as a chance to compete, relax and mingle.
This idea has been inside Bushnell's mind for over a decade. In 2000, he started up the company uWink solely to develop the technology that would drive this restaurant. Currently, over 2,500 uWink terminals are in bars and restaurants across the globe. Overall, Bushnell's goal is to revive the social aspect of gaming, taking gamers off the couch and into social settings with friends. The first restaurant will open this fall in Los Angeles.