Shacknews Partners With Sprint PCS

Right on the heels of our exciting HD content announcement comes yet another Shack exclusive. We have partnered with Sprint PCS to bring you the Shacknews E3 Moblog. They armed us with three Treo 650s, the most powerful and capable smartphone available on the US market, and we'll be able to detail our Los Angeles E3 adventure on a 24/7 basis.

A moblog is similar to your standard weblog, but it's all done while on the go, typically from your mobile phone. With the Treo 650, we can snap a picture, quickly title it and add a caption, hit the publish button and voila: a new entry is born. The entire process takes less than a minute, making it very easy for us to consistently make new posts.

Currently up are a few quirky shots from inside Steve's apartment, but as we begin our trip this Sunday, there'll be a steady stream of content from all three of us. Our purpose and goal is to provide those who are unable to attend E3 the opportunity to see what the show is all about from a first-person perspective. The pains of travel, the mass hysteria as the doors open, and the secrets of a behind-closed-doors meeting. So point a bookmark to and enjoy!