E3 2005 in High Definition @ FileShack!

We're happy and proud to announce that FileShack.com is the only website on the net announcing extended 720p HD video coverage available of E3 2005. Featuring brand new footage of games and interviews with the developers at the show. This first for E3 is being made possible with the generous support and cooperation of a number of different companies.

- AMD for providing access to their new Dual-Core Opteron 875 processors
- Boxxtech for providing a pair of their latest generation of Video Production Systems
- Limelight networks for providing the shocking additional bandwidth required for HD
- Microsoft for all kinds of cooperation for use of their WMVHD codec (more on this later)

Plus a couple more companies! You'll probably see press releases about this from parties involved in the near future. For those of you not familiar with what HD really is, the footage will be in 1280x720 resolution at a minimum of 5mbit bitrate. A couple of quick samples for you to look at of some real world footage (8 megs) and HL2 recorded in that resolution (20megs). A good amount of footage will be publically available but of course the extended footage will be available for Mercury members.

note: You may have seen HD claimed elsewhere, but 640x360 is not high definition. It's not even close.