More New Games

E3 draws closer and that means we'll be hearing about a lot of new projects in the next few weeks. We've already heard about Prey, Call of Duty 2 and others and now Relicnews has word that the latest PC Gamer has an article on Company of Heroes, a new World War 2 strategy game in development at Relic Entertainment. There's not a whole lot of info but the post does mention the article talks about "realism", destructable terrain and ragdolls.

Meanwhile Computer Games Magazine has word that ATI will have another game theater at E3, in fact they'll have two of them. One of them will demo a Take Two title, while the other will be showing the next game from Remedy. The Death Rally and Max Payne developer has been very quiet since the release of Max Payne 2 back in 2003, but it looks like that silence will soon end.