Psychonauts Demo

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 11, 2005 10:54am PDT

A Psychonauts demo has been released, allowing you to try out Double Fine's psychic action-adventure game which is being released on PC, Xbox and PS2 soon. In the demo you take control of Raz, "who is just beginning his stay at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Explore the campgrounds and meet your fellow eclectic campers before you journey into Coach Oleander's mental battlefield to test your Psycho-wits and abilities". Thanks GameSpot.

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  • Cool stuff...lots of nice visual and audio polish...and of course, that delicious Tim Schafer-esque creamy filling.

    Ooo-boy does the camera make me ill though :(

    I really wish the camera would always stay where I place it instead of always forcing me to look at a pre-determined puzzle-angle. One of the worst areas was the repeating gatling gun bit where it forces the camera to always face a particular direction...pretty frustrating and very nauseating after a while. It's the whole "monitor is displaying one thing but the hand and brain is doing/thinking something else" deal. This+Time=Barf-o-rama. :(

    The same goes for vertical mouse movement as well. It's pretty frustrating to try and examine stuff above and below you when the camera keeps snapping back to eye level...same with walking up/down ramps as well. First person helps a little bit, but it just snaps back to 3rd person as soon as the player moves.

    An option to zoom the camera in and out via the mouse wheel would be most welcome.

    I also think they should jack the vertical mouse movement sensitivity up too...seems a bit more sluggish than X-axis movement. It's a bit odd that both axis are flipped by default as well - who the heck plays that way!?

    Sadly, my overall reaction so far is too much jumping, not enough puzzles. Ah well, I guess that was more of what they were aiming for.

    I really want to play this game, but I'm so ill after the demo, I'm not sure I'll be able to for long sittings. :(

    The music, art style, characters and dialogue rocks! :)

  • Having played the demo, I can relate it very squarely to another great game.

    Conker's Bad Fur Day.

    Admittedly, the game lacks the comedic hilarity of Conker (the "jokes" are painful, at least in the demo... only a couple did I find even remotely funny more than annoying). But for some reason it feels alot easier and funner to play the actual platforming than Conker, probably because of the N64 framerate and controller, both of which sucked. Probably also because of Conker's camera (ugh).

    The visuals are even wackier than Conker. They're close, but this game is just *wierd*, and so are the visuals. Rarely does this happen. Conker had a great variety of worlds, but I remember it having more puzzles in it, and situations that needed solving... unfortunately this game seems to be mostly pure platforming with awkward, irritating FMV thrown in.

    That said, this game is VERY VERY similar to Conker's Bad Fur Day, and probably the new Conker on Xbox too (assuming Rare, which basically as far as I'm concerned is a mere shell of what it once was, doesn't toally screw it up).