Phantom Dust Interview

A week from tomorrow is the release of Phantom Dust for the Xbox, a sci-fi action/combat game that will sell for $19.99. I was lucky enough to have some questions answered by the lead director, Yukio Futatsugi, who was eager to tell me what makes his game so special.

Shack: What's the story behind Phantom Dust and who is the main character? Yukio Futatsugi: It's a Sci-Fi genre combat game in a post-apocalypse world between warriors with psychic powers. The players, seeking the reason why their world is in ruins and why their memories have been lost, fight with other psychics and monsters. The surface of the earth is covered with particles referred to as "phantom dust", which has the power of erasing the memories of the people on earth. In place of losing their memory, people have gained "skills" that are the power of thought made concretely manifest. Earth is ruled by strange monsters, and the remaining people are living in hiding underground. The psychic warriors use the skills to fight with the monsters.
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