Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Mar 03, 2005 6:04pm PST Almost 8pm! For serious! Dont hit me again mom :(

- Congrats dude on flying really far!
- Zippo upset about lighter ban
- More on our buddy Hobbits!
- Intel pushing flash
- New Sony Walkman/cellphone?

Lastly, here comes the FireFox security holes! What you thought MS was alone?

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  • replayed a bit further in MGS3. i beat it the first time on Very Easy (i know, i know...weak). now i am playing it again on Normal, and it is noticeably harder. stamina depletes much more rapidly, and some of the boss fights have been much much harder. Ocelot almost killed me, and The Pain took 2 or 3 tries, and it was a close finish. I am once again going through taking out the bosses non-lethally to get their camo, but for The End I killed him on the docks, thus skipping his fight later. I just climbed the eternal ladder and am working my way up the mountain. I love it when the theme song kicks in a capella! God this game rules! I've already missed a ton of camos, so I will have to play through it again, probably on Hard or Extreme. Not to mention almost all of the Kerotans!