DOOM The Movie Wrapped

By Steve Gibson, Mar 03, 2005 3:47pm PST So the fabled DOOM movie (details here) that everyone thought would never get made is actually done. According to 'The Rock' who was on The Daily Show yesterday the movie actually just recently wrapped. The movie is slated to be released this August once post-production is completed. A couple of folks mentioned this, firstly as Jack put it so kindly

- Jack: "Hey <deleted>, The Rock just mentioned on the daily show last night that Doom just wrapped production (and he's in it)"
- Dynamo gives the alert!

It's always good news when Jack calls me a dirty name.

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  • Looking at the director, it might not be THAT bad. The guy, Andrzej Bartkowiak has done cinematography on some pretty good movies, and he directed Romeo Must Die (which I never saw but I remember hearing good things about). Karl Urban is a good casting choice as well.

    Shooting the end in first person might turn out to be cool, if it was pulled off well. At least they are trying to do something different in that respect.

    The overall sound of the script might not be that great, but many movies sound terrible based on the sound of their script. Take Frequency for example: guy communicated with his dead father over ham radio. That sounds vomitious. But what they did with it was really great.

    I don't expect it to be an Aliens are anything, but few things are. It sounds like it's got a good chance of being a decent enough movie.