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By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 02, 2005 3:08am PST I thought yesterday's snow was going to be it for this little country, but no this picture is now this picture and its still snowing quite a bit. Now its pretty much the most I've seen here, though since I'm close to the coast that's always had a negative impact on weather extremities.

Also yes, mad early.

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  • So while playing WoW this evening, I have come to this realization. You know this is no joke. Warriors really are overpowered. I mean despite being a rogue, I still believe my view on this is objective.

    Just yesterday I battled this level 30 warrior who first used Overpower to stun me for 15 seconds, then he Charged me down to half way health and before I even got to react, he used Heroic Strike to slow me down to 10% movement speed and cause some sort of poison that ticked for 100 each second. Then when I finally got to play and Sapped him in the middle of combat for the 45 seconds so that I could run, he switched over to the Berserker mode and plain ignored it. As he was berserking, he just jumped on me and the salliva coming out of his drooling mouth melted me down like it was acid from one of those frigging bugs from the movie Alien.

    After being corpsecamped for some 5 hours, I bring in a guildie of mine. So the warrior uses his Battle Shout and yells "|=@6", freezing us in place. The he just spat on us and we crumbled down into ashes, and the game just said we'd have to wait for 15 hours more before we could resurrect.

    I mean does that suck or what? Sure the paladins have 15 lives + another 5 with plate, another 5 with their shields and all and yet 20 more because of the whines, but at least they're not some demi-gods like these warriors are.

    I say nerf them. And take their Charge way, the 30-second stun timer on that is absurd! Nerf Heroic Strike too. I dueled a level 67 warrior last week and just one of his Heroic Strikes dotted me for 3000 damage per tick, 10 ticks per second and it lasted for like 15 seconds. Also take Intimidating Shout down, right now it causes a 1.5 hour fear that can't break on impact, anyone can see that's too much as even the warlock / priest fear only lasts 3 minutes.

  • Holy X-box huge analogies, batman...

    The Zalman CNPS7700-Cu is really really big. REALLY big. and... TALL.

    Unfortunately, it leaves a little to be desired in terms of a tight clamping method, as there's some rotational play due to the clips' interchangeability from P4 sockets to Athlon sockets. Thusly the final clamping is via screwdriver and two screws, not a 4-way mega clip system that has zero movement.

    So far so good on the build up nonetheless! The Thermaltake Sorano box has an awesome phrase that is RIGHT outta the infamy of All Your Base Are Belong To Us... it is, and I quote:

    "Curve is the same charming as music" o_O :D

  • cd burner problem :

    Weird stuff : I have a sony CDR and CDRW burner and I'm using memorex media to burn on. Thoses cds have always work and today I burned something and then i tried to burn something else on a different cd (same memorex, same batch) and the drive wont burn on those media anymore (nero says to insert an emtpy media). Tried with a CDRW and it worked.
    Anyone ever had a similar problem, and is there anything else to do BESIDES BREAKING THAT SHIT WITH A FUCKING BAT IM FUCKING PISSED OFF, IT WORKED NOW IT DOES WOW ITS FUCKING MAGIC OR WHAT. If I don't fix this problem I'll make a nice video of me beating to death the drive. with a bat. a baseball bat. not a real bat.

  • So after ATI's TV program stopped working... at all I gave in and redownloaded DScaler and now that's what I use to play my games :(

    At least the Vic Viper moves when I hit the controller now--at least I think it does, it's one of those things where I think I detect a really tiny delay but I can't quite be sure, and as I zip across the screen and change direction quickly there might have been a little lag, but I can't be sure. The point is I can an least play, even though I got raped playing the game earlier.

    Anyway, so wow, using the "simple weave" DScaler de-interlace option, the video is very smooth and pretty, except for a little shearing at moments which I know is inevitable considering how TV works; however one thing kind of gets me thinking.

    Interlacing occurs spatially and temporally, that is the signal is visually separated into odd and even rows, and each set of rows is typically only visible at a given time... actually maybe I Just answered my own question. The question was why is the video so smooth with deinterlacing but kinda jumpy without. I'm not talking like image crispness, I mean that the image actually appears to move more fluidly, like objects going across the screen without deinterlacing on would jump a couple mm at a time, but with the deinterlacing it goes smoothly. Nerdspeak: It's like one is just keyframes, the other is keyframes with interpolation. And I couldn't figure out why doing something to play with the odd and even lines would make the video smoother.

    But, I was just thinking, maybe previously, in the ATI program, it just took the easy way out and tossed out every other frame, or waited to have two full frames to draw the image, hence only giving 30 refreshes a second? Meanwhile, this deinterlacing method is retrieving every frame and filling in the missing lines? Am I on the right track?

    Also, bob and weave. I've heard them. Am I right in thinking one of them plays with stuff vertically and one does it horizontally?