Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Feb 16, 2005 6:43pm PST Lets shoot for before midnight this time! Whadya say ladies?

- Why humans cooperate (sometimes)
- Intel thinks they is smart
- Goodbye George Michael
- Guys, we are in the year of mobile broadband
- Put a fork in NHL
- Young blood is good stuff

Lastly, RIPGuard is the new stuff from Hollywood

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  • I love the internet.


    # Lard is the fat scooped up from boiled down animals. Nothing says "normal" to me more than the boiling of defenceless creatures
    # Lard produces a natural lubricant, and allows for pain-free insertion of any application tool - be it funnel, hose, or gloved fist
    # The consistency of lard is roughly equivalent to that of faeces, thus meaning a more natural feeling to the enema
    # Constipation is said to be able to be relieved by the oral ingestion of oils and other greasy substances, so why not go directly to the source of the problem by injecting greasy, fatty substances up the rectum?

    Where else can you find out about Shannon's Expansion theorem and Lard in the same place?