Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Feb 14, 2005 7:29pm PST Whew long day, dig these though!

- Verizon buying up MCI
- NHL is done
- 3yr old smarteypants
- Cell phone with iTunes support O_o
- Online album wins Grammy

Lastly, remember that LokiTorrent fight the RIAA/MPAA legal fund? Yeah.. that worked out well.

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  • what the creepy...

    there's this kid in my database class that just stares at me for the entire class. and not like subtley staring... i sit in the back, on the other side of the room from where th prof lectures and he fuckin stares at ME with the most bizarre look on his face. i'd say he's gay but that can't possibly be it, that would be too reasonable. and whenever i take out my phone to look at the time... 15 seconds later he'll do the exact same thing.

    jesus christ it's too early to be dealing with, let alone figuring out, shit like that at 7am >:|

  • ETF 1.1 patch released www.etfgame.com

    Code / Gameplay / GUI
    - Fixed Slowdown Bug
    - fixed hud votestring drawing
    - added bots/pure/password info to server browser, filter on passworded servers
    - fix server crashing when sentry is dropped in lava/slime
    - added console command \showspecs
    - .5 second delay added to firing after respawn
    - agent team markers drawn properly
    - removed false-positive sniper headshots (over the shoulder hits)
    - added sniper "glancing" body shots that do half damage
    - sniper rifle knockback reduced by 50%
    - mapname printed in server log on map start
    - forced soldier models to load if engineer is enabled (sentry needed rocket)
    - gameindex with novote 1 not put into server maplist (can't be voted for)
    - names in matchlog put in quotes to cope with spaces in names
    - added \admin timelimit +x to set timelimit to now + x minutes
    - fixed endgame scoreboard snapshot
    - increased spectator slot drawing on ingame scoreboard to 20.
    - implimented sentry 'turn around' to engineer menu in all huds
    - Improved event handling for mouse control & key binds
    - limited com_maxfps to 30-130 to get rid of some engine flaws but keep bunnyhopping smooth
    - fixed overall lead shot damage to be 20 for shotgun and 50 for supershotgun consistently
    - Sniperrifle now requires more accurate aiming
    - autosentry turns a bit slower now and deals slightly less damage and knockback
    - toned down crosshair whirl speed when stunned
    - raised green armour damage absorbtion rate from 30% to 40%
    - C&H scores increasing after timelimit up resolved

  • Damn, I didn't know there was a project out there to make an open source Infinity Engine clone:


    -What is GemRB?

    It is an open source reimplementation of the Infinity Engine (tm) created by the game designer company called Bioware. GemRB is capable of running the original games based on IE, including their mods. As well as running customised engine variations and brand new game content.

    -Can I actually play with GemRB?

    Yes, most definitely you can play with it. Though this isn't considered real 'gameplay'.
    You can generate a character, walk around in areas and talk. You can try to improve the GUI scripts (effectively write the game). You can report bugs. You can start implementing a new game. For some people this is entertaining. If you are a pure gamer and only wish to play the original games on Linux, you'll have to wait.