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By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 04, 2005 5:24am PST NBA Street v3 is shipping, woot. Volume 2 was a lot of fun, and if IGN's review is any indication the new game is new and improved good stuff instead of more of the same. I also finally played ESPN NBA 2K5 the other day as it's been released in Europe after like six months. Presentation = awesome, but the game mechanics sure are weak compared to NBA Live. In fact it feels like Live from 5 years ago. It's still fun though, but it could be a ton better.

Movie: And how did you feel, being denied these hungry, hungry hippos?

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  • So a friend of mine has been rent-to-owning a server hosted through for about a year now. It was great because he and another guy split the cost of renting it and then we [all friends] put our domains on it.

    Things started to get strange when I couldn't get mail one day or any of my hosted sites to come up. Turns out their Network Tech formatted the wrong server HD (ours). Then right when our payoff of the box came up, my buddy paid it off and "Oh by the way, the Enism control panel license expired". Shit like that.

    Well a few days ago the server went down yet again (this happens a lot and the only reason we stayed with the host was the pain to change colos, the price and the b/w allotted) for 3 days. They said they were doing some NOC moving and it got hosed. Come to find out today that our server will be dead as of 5pm today. I have 2 domains that NEED to be up and going and now I gotta move them. The host apparently used our rent-to-own server hardware and license $$ to pay his bandwidth bills, thus we do not own the server now. Even better, he lives in Austrailia. He runs an AU and a New York (US) based hosting service. We're not the only customers he fucked. My buddy is going to try to get his $$ back, but I think there is no luck in that, cuz we'd sue his ass if we could.