MLB & Take-Two Sign Deal

This press release by the Major League Baseball Players Association announces that, as was rumored, publisher Take Two has signed an exclusive agreement to create baseball videogames with MLB players (though Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo can develop games too if they want, it's third party exclusive only). The deal is a seven year one and will start in 2006.

Beginning in 2006, Take2 will have exclusive rights among third-party publishers to develop and market simulation, arcade and manager-style baseball video games on the current and next-generation PlayStation, X-BOX, Nintendo, personal computer and hand-held video game systems. At the same time, manufacturers of video game systems will have the opportunity to develop and publish baseball simulation games for their own platforms.
CNN Money's latest Game Over column takes a look at how EA can potentially keep creating MLB games with fictional players, and also offers some insight into the price tag attached to this deal.