EA Buys Ubisoft Stake

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 20, 2004 5:08am PST

Electronic Arts today announced that it has purchased a 20% stake in French game company Ubisoft, for an unannounced amount of money. The purchase is subject to anti-trust clearance from the U.S. government. It seems unlikely that EA will stop at owning 19.9 percent though, so expect to see a full takeover before too long. Ubisoft is responsible for games like Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and the Splinter Cell series. update: According to this report the buyout is considered hostile. Thanks CA Flynn. Meanwhile, HomeLAN Fed has some comments from Electronic Arts vice president of corporate communications, Jeff Brown.

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  • This totally blows. The world was a better place when there were more publishers releasing stuff. Sure, most of the games stunk, but at least there was always that outside chance that some new talent was getting their shot. This, this is the exact opposite of the video game culture that I love. This really goes hand in hand with that Spike TV awards show: the future of video games is nothing less than MTV. An industry catered towards teenagers, fueled by the sweat, blood, and rapidly depleting energy of 22 year old college interns.

    I don't buy EA games, but it sure is going to be hard to keep that boycott up if Ubi falls. Here's hoping MS starts publishing even more games!

  • A rant by DooBall.

    My school recently had the head guy of the EA internship program lecture at my school (Parsons School of Design) and basically I had the feeling of a no good stranger trying to entice as many students as possible to join EA.

    I found his lecture quite pathetic actually. The lecture was on game development, but he kept trying to pimp his internship program the entire time - focusing on how they now have monthly pizza parties at the bowling lanes, hand out free consoles and video games, etc, etc... unimportant shit really...

    To me it seemed like EA is desperately trying to get their hands on every new talent their is - student wise... They're company is like ~99.99999999% students now.

    My problem with that was that he was showing us some insane reals of recent artists (who were interns)... everyone was ooh'ing and wow'ing when I was thinking to myself... WTF?! WASTE OF FUCKING TALENT. Damn'd consoles and free bicycle must've gotten to their heads.

    And now... they're straight out buying the competition (most of it)... EA is fucking up everything with their shitty brand and games.

    I can only compare EA to MTV... same shit applies there. EA sucks.