Doom Movie Scriptwriter Addresses Fans

Dave Callaham, the scripwriter for the upcoming Doom movie, has written a personal letter to the Doom community to address the massive backlash the film has received from some leaked details of the plot. He gave the letter to HomeLAN Fed, who has it hosted on their site. Here's a snippit:

I've found it frustrating that I somehow became the goat for the perceived shortcomings of the film, because (and I say this with no humility whatsoever, because I'm not a humble person), that I am, without a doubt, the greatest ally the Doom fan has had during the entire process of the film being made. I am the only person involved creatively who has ever made any attempt to open discourse with the game's internet fanbase, and I am the only person involved who has continually kept the ideals of the game first and foremost in mind. I very truthfully believe that my unapologetic and hyper-violent script would have been a Doom fan's movie dream come true. However, since my involvement, the film has steadily moved away from the realm of fandom and more toward the realm of traditional Hollywood interests. It's not been ideal, in my opinion, but I did what I could when I could, and I stand by that work.