Half-Life 2 DM Released

by Steve Gibson, Nov 30, 2004 9:28pm PST
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Valve's 'surprise' scheduled for this week is now listed as soon on the Steam news page. Before you know it you could be playing with toilets with way less mess! UPDATE: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch has been released! Go grab it and try it out. Tell us if it's hot or not!


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  • Well I just got done playing about 20 minutes or so. It's good to see they sharpened up the weapon accuracy - it takes a good time to kill someone depending on gun (it isn't like cs.) Reloading is quick, no need to switch to weapons to finish someone off. The gravity gun is of course, kick ass. You start off with a gravity gun, a pistol with 150 ammo, an smg with an extra clip. In gravity gun vs gravity gun fights you can catch or shoot back other items being thrown at you (secondary and primary fire functions.) Hitting something with pretty much anything is instant death. Rocks, radiators, barrels, carts, a cardboard box, etc Weaponry plays a crucial roll as items aren't always present (due to area or everyone using the props up) and they eventually respawn. There are health packs, grenades and other items to pick up and - oddly enough - health and armor recharge stations. Slow ones, that take time, and people usually die at them (because I shoot them in the back of the head) - that reminds me, I don't think there is head/chest/arms/legs location damage but not totally positive on that yet. It's a hell of a lot more fun than I was expecting.