Half-Life 2 DM Released

By Steve Gibson, Nov 30, 2004 9:28pm PST

Valve's 'surprise' scheduled for this week is now listed as soon on the Steam news page. Before you know it you could be playing with toilets with way less mess! UPDATE: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch has been released! Go grab it and try it out. Tell us if it's hot or not!

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  • lol ... i kill-stealed someone by picking up a grenade with the GG and as i ran backwards chucking it back at its originally intended target anyway.

    PROTIP ;) the suit power acts as awesome armour. you take a ridiculous amount of damage with full suit power (i think it goes up to 150-200 in this). i thought some dude was doing something dodgy until i found the suit power up place in the NP level. i dont know if people already knew this but its awesome.

    its just a spam fest, but a its pretty well balanced spam fest :) its stupid amounts of fun.

    the ability to always run would be nice, but other than that this is totally awesome and i cant wait to see what mods come out for this.

  • Verdict: GOOD FUN

    Sure, it's gimmicky, but after playing with a friend for 90 minutes it hasn't gotten old. It's been years since a straight DM game has made me say that.

    Most memorable moment: me firing the grenade from a combine gun (the disintigrating kind) at someone, that someone grabbing it with his grav gun and flinging it back at me, killing ME.

    Other memorable moment: Friend comes at me with barrel, ready to fire it at me. I fire at his barrel with my crossbow, blowing it up in his face.

    Let's not forget catch with oversized objects like tables and radiators.

    Amazing mods are going to come out of this technology. I can't wait.