Half-Life 2 DM Released

By Steve Gibson, Nov 30, 2004 9:28pm PST

Valve's 'surprise' scheduled for this week is now listed as soon on the Steam news page. Before you know it you could be playing with toilets with way less mess! UPDATE: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch has been released! Go grab it and try it out. Tell us if it's hot or not!

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  • Works great for me now... I'm happy I didn't jump on the "OMG VALVE AND STEAM SUCKS OMG OMG I AM SO UPSETX0RZ!!!" bandwagon like, say... some people... who might be tired...

    Awesome, simply awesome. Got on a good server with a 30 ping and I had a blast. First match I got in half way and was at 7 kills when the leader at 60 at the end of the match. Second round I was around 30 kills near the middle of the leaderboard.

    There is nothing quite like launching barrels and toilets back and forth at someone. Me and this one guy got into this duel in a stack of barrels, just continually launching them back and forth, no end in sight... until some ass launched a toilet at me from ACROSS THE ROOM AND DOWN THE HALL and nailed me. "I can't believe I hit you with that toilet!" he said in chat. I was a bit angry. ;;;;

    Great experience, GG Valve, despite what all the fairweather fans say about you.