Half-Life 2 Chat Thread

By Maarten Goldstein, Nov 16, 2004 6:04am PST

Half-Life 2 chatting continues here. The game's been unlocked on Steam and showing up in stores, and so far the word is extremely positive. When discussing game events and story elements don't forget to use the SPOILER TAG.

In case you're having problems starting the game, check this post from Valve's Erik Johnson. There's a brief Valve Q&A about the game on the G4techTV site. Update: Here are some notes kindly provided by the Valve guys in the comments here:

- A fix for the 'map version' error - A note for SoundStorm owners - A note on adjusting FOV - A note about 'hitching' and adjusting sound quality - A note about 'hitching' and adjusting texture quality

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  • I'm stuck with a bug in Chapter 12 ( Follow Gordon ). Basically, I got to the roof after Barney sent me up with my squad. When I open the door, the sound just goes nuts. Its like a trainwreck on LSD. I shoot all the Combine on the roof, and get all the guys I can. I shoot at the Strider, but haven't quite killed it, yet. I tried running across the bridge (and killing all those soldiers) to the other building. When I get there, theres a forcefield and the stairwell. When I get to the bottom, the level gets all wierd. Its almost like clipping was disabled at the bottom of the stairs. I've run back and forth, all over that roof. I can't go back to Barney, and it doesnt seem like I can kill the Strider or make any dent in the battle below. There's that big gun, but I can't get that to work, and I have no idea what to do. Also, when I try to quit, or use any menu, the text is all scrunched into the top left corner, and you can't really select anything. If someone can help out, I would greatly appreciate it.