Late Night Consoling

If you're looking for the Bungie Weekly Update, I've now placed it in the Misc. Media/Previews section. The update was quite brief and really had no news to offer, but what can you expect? The game is done and everyone's out getting laid. So for the last two or three updates, look for it there. Anyone going to one of those midnight launches to pick up the game? I've only twice waited in line for a launch; they were for the console launches of the Xbox and GameCube. Six hours each time at the local 24-hour Wal-Mart. An entirely forgettable experience and forever a reminder to pre-order my hardware. Missing out on a PS2 day one sorta sucked.

Xbox Development of BC Halted BC, a game that has been garnering hype and praise since its announcement, has now been placed on the backburner. Lionhead Studios made the decision to halt development on the game that pits early man in an evolutionary struggle against dinosaurs and other creatures. Peter Molyneux, managing director of Lionhead, made this comment: "The decision to suspend work on any games project is always a very difficult one, particularly when it is a title with the potential of BC. We hope to revive the project at a later date and will endeavour to assign as many of the team as possible to other Lionhead projects."
PS2 Xbox Midway Announces New Mortal Kombat With the latest Mortal Kombat recently hitting store shelves, Midway has gone ahead and announced the next game in the series, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. Fans of the MK fighting style may be slightly disappointed as Shaolin Monks will not be a traditional fighting game. Instead, it'll follow a more action-adventure style. It's being developed for the PS2 and Xbox for a fall 2005 release. Midway also made one other MK-related announcement. President David F. Zucker said, "We are planning our Mortal Kombat release schedule with the expectation that we will deliver a new Mortal Kombat title annually."
PSP Sega Confirms Four New PSP Titles Sega has updated their website to reveal four new titles that are in development for the PSP. Unfortunately, Sega didn't feel like elaborating much on any of them and gave a very vague description of each. The lineup includes a new type of communication game, multiplayer sports game, graphic adventure game, and digital pet game. These were listed on its Japanese site, so it's unknown if all or any will make it to the U.S.
PS2 Phantom Brave, La Pucelle Coming to Europe The European wing of Koei confirmed today that they signed two of Nippon Ichi's hottest titles, Phantom Brave and La Pucelle: Tactics, for release in the European territory. Thanks to a popular run of another Nippon Ichi title, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, KOEI felt good about the chances of these two titles. Both games have enjoyed success in North America and Japan.
PS2 Xbox GCN Misc. Q&As/Features Another Scrapland Q&A can be found at TeamXbox with Raúl Rubio Munárriz.
  Misc. Media/Previews
PS2 Game Informer puts up new screens of Getaway: Black Monday. GameSpot takes a look at WWE Smackdown vs. Raw. GameSpy contributes a handful of new shots for Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim.
Xbox More MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf goodness courtesy of Game Informer. A brief update on Halo 2 in this week's Bungie Weekly Update can be found at Subnova. Games Radar previews TRON 2.0: Killer App.
GCN Can't get enough of those Metroid Prime 2: Echoes screenshots? Then here's some more from IGN! They also provide six minutes of direct feed footage of Mario Power Tennis. GameSpy gives us new hi-res screens of Resident Evil 4 and Donkey Konga: Jungle Beat.
GBA GameSpot's feature preview this evening is for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA). They also have footage of WWE Survivor Series (GBA).
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Console Game of the Evening: Streets of Rage 2 for the Sega Genesis. "If the Sega Genesis had no other games, I would have bought it for this one alone." (submitted by bedelf2).