Futuremark Whines, Apologizes

A little happy fun lawsuit threatening for your lunch time. As many people know 3DMark comes under quite a bit of scrutiny given the popularity of the benchmark with the 03 release being dismissed by more than a few websites. HardOCP was was one of the vocal websites with their opinions and Futuremark thought threatening a lawsuit would be fun after seeing criticism of the 05 release. The first email:

I strongly advise you to not to slander our product, 3DMark, on your web site. Take down all your false and unjustified and baseless claims about 3DMark. 

HardOCP responded with a "wha?" and here was the response from Futuremark:

You know what I mean. Your articles have consistently discredited 3DMark for years now and the few justifications there have sometimes been have been without merit. It seems to us as if you have something against our product personally and are using your popular website as a platform to attack and trying to discredit on purpose and with baseless claims and sometimes also with erroneous information.

I will no longer communicate with you after this. Our attorney is looking that this situation will get resolved and will contact you if necessary.

Tero Sarkkinen
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Futuremark Corporation

Tero however appears to have shortly later realized how incredibly silly these threats were and posted a public apology. Go ahead, lets all chuckle together!