Late Night Consoling

As you might've noticed Alec was missing in action last night, as unfortunately he's bed ridden with a fever. While I don't have time for a full update, anything beats no LNC two nights in a row.

Xbox Halo 2 Almost Done There's a lengthy post on Bungie.net, revealing that Halo 2 is pretty much done, well ahead of the November 9 launch date. "Finished and shipped to a nebulous region known as RTC (Release To Certification) where it will be dumped from eight digital tapes onto a DVD and go through some final testing. Usually that's just a matter of routine, but we'll be watching our email carefully through next week...".
Xbox Molyneux's Fable Apology There's a post by game designer Peter Molyneux on the Lionhead forums, offering an apology for features talked about but not included in Fable. While Molyneux says that while everything he mentioned in interviews was planned or actually in the game at one time, sacrifices were made and so some people were dissapointed with the end result. "I have come to realise that I should not talk about features too early so I am considering not talking about games as early as I do. This will mean that the Lionhead games will not be known about as early as they are, but I think this is the more industry standard."
PS2 PS2 Matchmaking Service Coming To US GameSpot is reporting that Japanese communications company KDDI is planning on bringing its Multi-Matching BB online gaming service stateside. Capcom and SNK Playmore are among the companies supporting the service which sports some 100,000 subscribers in Japan.
PS2 Xbox Star Wars Controllers Coming If you just can't get enough of Star Wars, Xbox and PS2 controllers with a Star Wars branding will be in stores for the holiday season. Additional controllers are planned for the launch of Episode 3 and manufacturer Intec also says it will introduce "new videogame technologies" next year to be embedded in their controllers for specific Star Wars games.
DS MadCatz Announces DS Accessories Third party video game accessory manufacturer MadCatz has announced its Nintendo DS lineup of products, which will ship when the handheld launches next month. They'll have a carry case, game cases, a car charger, a replacement stylus and various other products.
  Misc. Media/Previews
PS2 Rockstar Games sends along four new Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas screenshots. GameSpot goes hands-on with Jak 3, and they also have new screenshots from Gran Turismo 4. IGN has Ace Combat 5 impressions, 1UP checks it out as well. Game Informer has a Jak 3 movie "blowout". GameSpy goes hands-on with EyeToy: Antigrav.
Xbox GameSpot has the second Knights of the Old Republic 2 development diary. IGN has Phantom Dust movies along with screenshots of Dead or Alive Ultimate.
GCN GameSpot has a bunch of Resident Evil 4 movies, Planet GameCube has two Metroid Prime 2 screenshots.
PS2 Xbox GCN On FileShack you can find Robotech: Invasion (Xbox, PS2) gameplay movies #5 and #6. IGN has screenshots of Midnight Club 3 (Xbox, PS2), Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (Xbox, PS2), Destroy All Humans! (Xbox, PS2) and there's a new movie from Mortal Kombat: Deception (Xbox, PS2, GC). They also go through Moria in their preview of Lord of the Rings: Third Age (Xbox, PS2, GC), and play some online soccer with Pro Evolution Soccer 4. Team Xbox has a Outlaw Golf 2: Going Behind the Outlaw feature (Xbox, PS2).
Console Game of the Evening: Pole Position II for the Atari 2600. "Proof that running over people and/or items isn't needed in a fun car game." (submitted by knutson).