DOOM 3 1.1 Patch Released

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 28, 2004 3:51pm PDT

Activision sends along a new DOOM 3 patch, which is no longer beta and now updates the game to version 1.1. The change list is pretty much identical to the 1.05 beta one, but there is an extra singleplayer fix which people had been asking for: "Fixed issue when switching between flashlight and previous weapon after using the PDA" - and unlike in the beta patch, the shadow and specular cvars are NOT cheat protected. As before, the update resets your progress in a saved game, so you'll have to play whatever level you're on from the beginning.

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  • If you had the same trouble I did with not being able to use the patch because you did a manual install here is a registry entry to fix the problem... Just copy this to a text file, change all instances of the directory to match where you have the game located, and rename the .txt to .reg and double click it...then run the patch.



    "InstallPath"="D:\\Games\\Doom 3"
    "SPexe"="D:\\Games\\Doom 3\\doom3.exe"
    "MPexe"="D:\\Games\\Doom 3\\doom3.exe"
    "StartMenuFolder"="Doom 3"
    "UninstallString"="C:\\PROGRA~1\\COMMON~1\\INSTAL~1\\Driver\\9\\INTEL3~1\\IDriver.exe /M{EEFB15EB-FE8B-47DF-A496-1C4D1420294A} "
    "EXEString"="D:\\Games\\Doom 3\\doom3.exe"

    My first every Shack post after almost 6 years of coming here. :) Hope this was helpful.