By Steve Gibson, Sep 07, 2004 7:25pm PDT

id Software has decided that they want to do a beta run of the DOOM3 patch before sending it out into wide release. Given that Shackers are oh so known for giving lots of feedback they decided that a release through Shacknews/FileShack was a good place to start. Here are a few highlights of the changes in the 18meg patch, hottest being widescreen support!

GENERAL - Updated some cvar docs INTERFACE - Added toggle functionality to movement commands (i.e. toggle crouch as opposed to holding the button down) - Added in_togglecrouch, in_togglerun, & in_togglezoom - Fixed g_voteFlags so that spectator and nextmap could be individually toggled - Made print screen bindable. - Added mouse wheel scrolling to server list (gui list boxes). NETWORKING/MULTIPLAYER - Bumped damage up on rocket jumping in multiplayer - Decreased damage from chaingun to 25 in multiplayer - Exploding barrels to full damage to attacker in multiplayer - Increased height for falling damage in multiplayer - Made r_skipNewAmbient, r_skipSpecular, r_skipBump, and r_shadows cheat protected - Made g_fov modifiable in mutiplayer from 90 to 110 - Changed server protocol version from 1.33 to 1.34 - Fixed rocket launcher dealing no splash damage to player at certain angle in Edge 2 - Added join messages when players join an MP game. - Fixed players stuck spectating when no spectators vote is passed. RENDERING - r_aspectRatio now uses 0, 1, or 2 (4:3, 16:9, 16:10) - Fixed in-game videos disappearing if you go to the menu and return
Duffy's .plan update also mentions that the DOOM 3 demo is due out in a few days, and will contain 3 levels from the game (SP only). The SDK and Linux dedicated server will be released once this patch goes final.

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  • Maybe it's just me..

    When playing Doom3 with head phones the sound isn't right.. I know this for sure in SP, and can only assume it's the same for MP. It seems as though the center channel never gets added to the left and right channels when running in stereo mode. This is rather annoying, cause you have to "cock" an in game ear toward the sound you are listening too. Hence you get situations were your listening to a NPC but your looking way off to one side of them.

    Just so you know, I have tried everything from configurations for the card and game as well as new drivers.

    Anyone else had this problem? They going to fix this?

  • This is to the person that said they'd rather play with a small community then a larger community due to the restrictions of computer hardware

    Hi look at painkiller that game with 10 people playing.........why don't u go play that and see how much fun you have.

    Shouldn't a game be geared towards the broadest audience and not just a strict market of core people? If not then there goes 3/4 of the community who aren't hardcore gamers and can't afford the 500 dollar video card and 250 dollar processors etc.

    Also then how come they had quake 3 tweakable succumb to a broader audience for there product

    Hell for RTCW at quakecon they made people use stock configs.......this was for LAN play though which was an even playing field shouldn't apply to non sanctioned league play such as online ladders etc

    The admin of the server should allow what settings are allowed etc

    This is a money move really.......just to please nvidia and force people to shell out 500 dollars just for a game pretty much

    it's not for the gamers at all

    If i wanted to get into the environment i'd go play singleplayer
    not multiplayer where frames is one of the top important issues

    also it's funny how you can use the tweaked out config in singleplayer but yet in multi it's not allowed...........shouldn't it be opposite

    oh and even playing field is lan play with exact same machines etc

    end of rant

  • As long as they fix the way you can use "set" commands in the console to enable things like r_shownormals. As much as I found it fixed the too-dark rooms by allowing players to actually see where they're going, it's still cheap.

    But it's okay because if they do fix it at least that will level the playing field again. I was getting really fed up with getting owned all the time in the dark until I found out about that bug and once I used it too it (perhaps not surprisingly) really made things balanced again on pub servers.

    It's sad when you have to exploit a console bug in order to get back on par w/ other players since they were already using it. Ugh. That's why I wish this game came with AI (bots).

    I generally like to play games against AI more than humans because at least with bots I know they aren't cheating (anymore... early games used to give bots the ability to detect players around a few corners, etc but these days the coding is good enough that they don't need that sort of advantage). Plus we could have expected id to come up with some breakthrough AI coding that made them even more lifelike.

    You know that reminds me... I still want to see AI bots in an FPS game coded such that some will act dumb once in a while and either hurt themselves with splash damage from poorly timing a jump-out-past-a-corner-and-shoot-the-RL that actually hits the wall instead, or that take a jump from one object to another but don't make it sometimes. You know instead of being such binary creatures where they only take a shot if it's clean and only make a jump if they know they can make it. =\

  • I Like all the changes to this patch. Sure Shadows drops fps a little bit, but you know what? Before Doom 3 came out id Software had a vision of making lighting a new aspect of the multiplayer....shooting out lights, being able to shut shades and use shadows to your advantage......when we all initially read about this idea most of us liked it, but when the game came out the competitive community would tweak the game the best they could and in turn....kill that idea. Doom 3 in its current state before this beta patch was just an ordinary MP FPS game (due to the tweaking).....with the shadows option locked it adds a little more depth to the gameplay and uses one of the key features this new engine was sought out to do. Everyone is on a level playing field now....don't complain. Now if only id Software would supply us with a couple of new Multiplayer maps that are actually good (DM4 currently being the best map) and speed up the projectiles of the plasma gun....I'd be quite happy.

  • I am writing this in hopes that id software will read this thread tomorrow to get some useful feedback on the patch.

    The only problems with this patch:

    1. You can't turn off pm_runbob, pm_runpitch, pm_runroll, pm_bobpitch, pm_bobroll, pm_bobup, pm_crouchbob, or pm_walkbob in MP. These make me, and I'm sure many others, nautious!. It adds nothing to the gameplay in MP. It has nothing to do with the level design of the game (a la shadows etc) and it doesn't do anything to help create a level playing field across a variety of PCs. People either like it or hate it, they should be able to choose whether to have it on or off. There is no point for it to be locked.

    2. You can't turn off "High quality effects" in advanced options in MP. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for locking shadows and the majority of the render options that make it a "hide and go seek" type of game with the darkness and shadows, but the high quality effects don't really add that much... I mean, come on... do you really have time to notice that explosion ripple effect when you fire a rocket or grenade in a multiplayer game? Shadows and major graphics vars being locked is good for even-playing-field's sake, but unlocking "high quality effects" will give some people those extra frames that they're looking for (and desperately need).

    3. There is still no text confirmation when you pick up an item... The levels are so dark that sometimes you can't even see what weapon you're getting... you just here a "chk-chik" and you're like, OK, I better scroll through all my weapons to see what I just picked up!

    Good things in this patch:

    1. The server browser is fixed! Yay! Ping sort works and I don't get "server full" or "enter a password" errors anymore when servers are empty and non-passworded!

    2. Falling damage is perfect!

    3. Rocket self-damage is better!

    4. I'm sure most of those other tweaks/changes are good too!