Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Sep 03, 2004 6:03pm PDT Nothing like realizing you dont own a floppy drive anymore and needing one for your SATA driver to keep you from playing with your new machine! Good times!

- Trading privacy for better insurance rates
- A cure for balding mice! Hooray!
- Hey uh, dont leave your gun and meth on the top of your car
- Guys, it wasnt aliens :(

Lastly, the power of internet rumors! Also, Motorola is buying out Intel.

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  • well I'm pretty bored of WoW already. I've been playing in 2-3 hour blocks, with about 8 hours total.

    yeah, the enviroments are pretty cool, everything seems really polished and it can be a lot of fun. but it's really just another mmorpg. there's nothing revolutionary.

    all the quests are either kill X amount of this type of monster, or bring me back X amount of this type of item, and you will get XP, an item, or money.

    the grouping and combat are the same as all its predecessors. nothing new or exciting.

    i know nothing new or revolutionary was promised, but I was sort of expecting some new things from blizzards attempt at an mmorpg, when in reality, any company in the world could have produced this game. people are flocking to it merely because blizzard is a well known company that puts out solid games. (and brand recogntion)

    if you havent tried an mmorpg before, this game may very well be highly appealing to you. if you've tried mmorpgs before and quit after realizing how montonous the gameplay is, this game may keep you occupied for a month or so.

    how's everyone else feeling after their first couple days?