Late Night Consoling

Three weeks later, another category four hurricane approaches my tiny little apartment. LNC should be a go for tomorrow evening, but with these swirling bands coming in at about the same time LNC goes up, you never know. As each update is released from the NOAA, the more south it appears Frances will travel, so I may be lucky, only get moderately bad winds, but still retain power. In any case, I'll stay sharp by having my GBA SP fully charged and a NeoGeo Pocket Color on standby.

PS2 First Details of San Andreas Soundtrack While an official track listing is not yet known, Rockstar told GameSpot that the company has struck a deal with Interscope Records, a division of Universal Music Group, to bring a widespread collection of music for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. A Rockstar representative told GameSpot, "Although we are keeping the specific details of the track listing under wraps for now, gamers can expect the full spectrum of the early 90's FM dial, both in the game and on the official soundtrack."
PSP PSP Presentation Disappoints Developers At the recent Game Developers Conference Europe, Sony held a presentation on their upcoming PSP portable. According to GameSpot, there wasn't much in the way of new information and that disappointed developers. What few facts did come out were that each set of connected PSPs will have its own SSID (Service Set Identifier) when wirelessly connected to each other. This will help mediate things when there's more than one game going on in a room. Another fact was that no UMD writers will be released to the public or developers, meaning that when a game is finished, the developer will burn it to a DVD-R and send it to Sony. This is done to reduce piracy. The unknowns stole the show, however, as the discussions of mp3 playback and battery life were heated, as Sony refused to give definitive answers.
PS2 Xbox Juiced Still Coming GamesIndustry.biz is reporting that the racer Juiced, which was to be published by Acclaim, will not be part of the casualty that is Acclaim. The game had been financed and managed by a development firm called Fund 4 Games, who own the rights to Juiced and will now simply seek a different publisher.
PS2 Xbox SCi Announces "Roll Call" A new game from SCi, being developed by Argonaut Games, is set for a 2005 release. Titled Roll Call, the game puts you in control of New York police, firefighers, and paramedics as you battle it out with local gangs as they try to ravage cities across the state. There will be split-screen support up to four players and online play with eight players. It'll release third quarter 2005 on the PS2 and Xbox.
GBASP Three New GBA SP Designs Nintendo continues to cash-in on these unique GBA colors as there are now three different versions on the horizon. First we will see GBA SP's matching the upcoming Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen. Being sold exclusively through the Pokemon Center in New York City, the two models will be colored, obviously, green and red and the top half will sport a line drawing of either Charizard or Venusaur. In Europe, at the recent Game Stars Live show, gamers were treated to a pink GBA SP with the tagline, "Out with the shoes, bags and earrings and in with the games console!"
PS2 Xbox GCN Misc. Q&As/Features GameSpot speaks with Peter Molyneux about his four-year project, Fable. EuroGamer speaks with Brian Fleming, co-founder of Sucker Punch, who is producing Sly 2: Band of Thieves.
  Misc. Media/Previews
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Console Game of the Evening: Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers for the NES. "I beat this game daily. Some of the most interesting bosses ever. Classic." (submitted by corey).