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By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 28, 2004 10:30am PDT So Half-Life 2 isn't going gold soon after all, that's unfortunate! It turns out the actual Gabe had been posting on the Half-Life 2 Fallout forums, but his account was compromised. Ah well, I'm over it.

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  • </RANT ON/>

    I now, officially, HATE PunkBuster. The current MP games on my system are Soldier of Fortune2 and Call of Duty. My SoF2 was patched to the max, so after a reinstall, I didn't touch anything to play online. With my newer Extigy, I find sound hitching every few minutes. I'm thinking maybe something driver related, but it seems fine otherwise.

    So I play CoD and things are just fine -- only to find out I am not the latest version. Patch to 1.4, adding PB and BAM -- my sound hitches during MP is back.

    This ALSO happened with the latest Quake3 patch (you know, the one that added PunkBuster).

    Lets review: Quake3-based games + Punkbuster makes my MP gaming a living hell. I cannot play more than five minutes without a good 5-10 second complete fucking pause of the game. Generally speaking, in a round based time of game, that means I am a sitting duck and generally am DEAD.

    Fuck you PB for making a shitty product. Fuck you PB for screwing up my afternoon of fragging pleasure.

    </RANT OFF/>