DOOM3 Notes from QuakeCon

By Steve Gibson, Aug 13, 2004 12:08pm PDT A couple of bits from QuakeCon and the id Software guys after a brief discussion I had with Tim Willits as well as this CNN article that you should also check out:

- DOOM3 demo is at least a couple of weeks away.
- DOOM3 patch is of course in the works addressing a couple of minor multiplayer bugs
- DOOM3 expansion pack in the works by a separate developer
- DOOM3 sales for the first week are possibly the highest ever for a PC game, Activision is investigating to be sure

Also, I talked to Tim a little more about the choice of a 4 player multiplayer cap which was interesting. The choice really boiled down to Carmack but given that within hours of the game hitting shelves we are seeing servers with 8-12 players on them I guess the whole thing is moot. Aye?

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  • Just played some more of Doom 3 multiplayer. I still think it's blah. I LOVE the single player game so don't get your panties in a bunch but MP needs work.

    Little details I would love to addressed in the patch.

    Display what weapons/items you're picking up in text like you do in the single player game. Most of the time it's dark and you can't tell what you're picking up (not to mention running over items while running backwards). Why it's there in single player and not there in DM puzzles me. Seems like a fuck up. Not a big deal once you learn the maps but it really should be there.

    No chat beep? That's kind of odd. I want my chat beep! I still use the Q2 chat beep for my icq incoming message event. :)

    Allow fov please. That's just retarded in deathmatch (and id of all companies knows this).

    The server filter is borked. I haven't noticed anyone mentioning it specifically but when you tell it to show you only servers that are NOT pw protected, it still shows them to you. Due to the small player limit, there are SHITLOADS of pw servers out there right now.

    Bring back the Q3 announcer! :) Seriously, the little "you lose/win" voice is pretty weak in comparison. Xian! I still want that Q3 announcer windows sound event pak, fucker. :p

    These are things that just about every mod is going to do blah blah blah I know. Imo they make the standard MP feel very unpolished though. Everytime I play it it just feels unfinished because of little details like these.

    Oh yeah, it would be great if we could get the single player maps in dm like Q2. Some of the single player maps turned out to be my favs back in the day.

    I suspect these things will be addressed and MP in Doom 3 will only get better. A mod like OSP would be a god send right now but with just these things addressed it would be much more fun/polished all on it's own.

    I know some people will say "thats the way id wants you to play and fov is cheating wah wah wah" but the difference here is, I'm right and you're wrong. :D

    Now I'm gonna go kick those Hell Knight's asses...