Daily Thread of DOOM 3

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 03, 2004 7:02am PDT

Here is your daily thread DOOM 3, to chat with other people who have picked up the game. Talk about what you like, dislike. Attended a Best Buy launch event last night? Post about it. Again, use the spoiler tag for plot points, etc. Some random DOOM 3 news

- The Age of Doom is a Time.com article about the creation of the game. - Coverage of the game's release from the Associated Press. - Telefragged asks freelance composer Ed Lima about his contributions to the game. - Tech Report has a quick tweak guide.

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  • So after a few hours my impressions are "System Shock 2 meets Half-Life meets DOOM meets Terror."

    I love the flashlight mechanic. It forces the player to choose between security and darkness, or light and no security. That's part of the game.

    The game runs extremely well for me. I don't understand people's complaints. Here are my settings and subjective performance thoughts:

    1024 * 768, High detail, all advanced effects ON: The framerate is mostly high, with a few stutters near the beginning, where there are a lot of highly detailed machines running, light sources, and NPCs walking around. I can tell my 128MB card isn't quite enough, as before opening most doors, there's a brief pause as textures are being swapped out. Once I'm in a room, it's smooth, but the hitches are annoying. Looks amazing.

    1024 * 768, Medium detail, all advanced effects ON: The framerate is about 10-15FPS higher at all times than on High. No stutters. No pauses after opening doors. I honestly can't tell the difference between Medium and High, so I'm leaving it on Medium. Odds are, 95/100 people wouldn't be able to tell what setting it's on by playing. Playing on High with a 128MB card seems to induce a few issues, and there's no reason (other than ePenis bragging and insecurity) to play on High with a 128MB card. Excellent performance, actually better than Far Cry with better visuals to boot.

    AMD Athlon XP 2700, 333MHz FSB
    1GB Dual-Channel PC2700 DDR memory
    ATI 9800 Pro 128MB

  • Here is another common gamers thoughts on D3...

    Performance: It ran nicely on my machine, I simply dont care anymore about framerates or tweaking. Does the game run at least 90% of the time w/o turning into a powerpoint presentation with nice graphics? It runs very nicely based on my criteria

    Gameplay: The first half of the game is basically doom guy walking backwards waiting for a panel to flip up and have an enemy pop out or spawn. This was so bad Capt Obvious would give up his costume and retire. A lot of the enemies arent hard they just have cheap ways of hitting you. The spiders and babies are the most annoying things ever, that really killed the mood when the facehuggers headcrabs spiders just kept coming and coming, the shotgun didnt seem very effective when you had a bunch surrounding you.

    Whats with the flashlight situtation, you mean in the future the military doesnt have some kind of flashlight built into the helmet or uniform. Doom guy can walk around outside the surface of Mars but doesnt have the technology to have a light built into his helmet or some night vision goggles( but gims the lights the lights! fuck the lights shoot em out, oh wait I cant shoot most of them out shit!)

    Finding keys PDAs to unlock doors got old fast. I think FPS are going to have to get past this 'find key open door' shit and think of something, and no dont ask me what that is actually think Metroid Prime

    At this point after running around the base which has the same shade of grey, dealing with annoying gameplay, I just wanted to finish and see the rest of the game already.

    After I got to Hell for the first time the game picked up and was more enjoyable, it became scarier because it wasnt as predictible with monsters. From here till the end the game was worth the purchase...

    The enviroment is very stale, why cant I flush a toilet or play with a soda machine. Its about making things interactive and trying to make things semi-realistic here. I cant even shoot glass or the bathroom mirrors. I'm spoiled by the interactivity of HL and MGS2 I guess...

    Story: I know I am going to be bbq'd for this but instead of feeling like I played a remake of Doom; I was playing a remake of Half Life(yes i know the original plot of doom). The first area with all the stuff going on... I could swear I heard "Welcome to the Black Mesa..." via the chick on the PA system.

    The sidestuff with PDAs and etc was nice. I was expecting stuff to be fleshed out, I mean this is a single player game and it was all about story blah blah blah, but a lot of things arent explained...

    Audio: Very nice, definitely raised the bar here.

    Multiplayer: Who gives a shit, wheres Q4?

    Misc: The ingame GUI system is awesome as hell, and I'm having fun with the editing stuff so far...hehehe. Last guy fight was sweet...

    Overall I came into the game with lower expectations based on past track history with id and their single player experience, so I certainly wasnt disappointed. If I want to be scared I'll leave it to SH2/3 which did a better job and the main character was smart enough to put a flashlight in their pocket...

  • Im in Australia, and we have doom3 here on AUGUST3, when i thought it was coming out after USA. Bonus i guess. But one problem, my pc is archaic and will not run it, so im waiting eagerly for the xbox version. Does anyone know when it is scheduled for release? At our local Harvey Norman they had doom3 on display and i played for 15 minutes, and despite being in a lightly lit department store, with public noise droning out the effects, i still got a scary shock when the marine who opens the initial gun case when you get pistol, is affected but lying prone on his console. i went up for a close look at his graphical qualities when he suddenly sat up and proceded attacking me.