Battlefield Vietnam 1.1 Patch Released

Electronic Arts has released the long awaited Battlefield Vietnam 1.1 patch. The 130mb update adds new content to the game and also offers a whole bunch of new menu and game features along with bug fixes. Here's what's new content wise

**Maps and Vehicles** -Defense of Con Thien is a head to head battle across the DMZ separating North and South Vietnam.
Defense of Con Thien features 3 new vehicles: -OH-6 Loach is a scout helicopter used by the USMarines. It's fast and agile, armed with chain guns and can be used to spot for artillery strikes. -Ka-25 'Hormone' is an attack helicopter used by the NVA. It carries chain guns and heat seeking missiles, and also benefits from the addition of radar in the nose. -Stationary M60 emplacements with infinite ammo.
A new Windows dedicated server is available as well.