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By Steve Gibson, Jul 28, 2004 10:46am PDT In case you were looking for a reason to get out some angst Creative Labs looks like a good target today. Here's a quote from John Carmack giving a little insight into why the deal that id Software struck with Creative recently. Seems It wasnt just a happy happy deal but Creative actually forced the issue. If you're looking for a good summary of wtf this means, take a look at this post.

The patent situation well and truly sucks.

We were prepared to use a two-pass algorithm that gave equivalent results at a speed hit, but we negotiated the deal with Creative so that we were able to use the zfail method without having to actually pay any cash. It was tempting to take a stand and say that our products were never going to use any advanced Creative/3dlabs products because of their position on patenting gaming software algorithms, but that would only have hurt the users.

John Carmack

Thanks stelth.

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    Dear Creative Labs:

    As an avid gamer, a fan of advanced systems, a resource for friends, family, and business associates building and buying systems, and an owner of Creative Labs products, I'd
    like to communicate my displeasure with the recent actions regarding certain Creative patents and id Software.

    While I understand the need to defend intellectual property rights, I can also see that this is an example of software patents gone amok. I look to Creative to be leader in the audio/visual field, and to make decisions that
    benefit the entire community. I firmly believe that it's been Creative's attention to the needs of the consumer at large that have made them a successful company- not stifling creativity in the personal computer software development arena.

    I would really like to continue to purchase and recommend Creative products, but such heavy-handed tactics
    clearly not in the best interests of your customers
    would make it difficult for me to continue in this practice.

    It is my hope that you will reconsider your actions and policies in the future.


  • Since Aureal died, how much has audio advanced since EAX 2.0? What does EAX 4 bring to the table that EAX 2.0 didn't? Does EAX 4 approach anything like what A3d did? In what way is the Audigy 2.0 better than SB live and Aureal type cards?

    Why did A3d die besides the market? Was A3d hard to put into games, while EAX was quicker/cheaper?

    What is on the horizon? Will creative finally use Aureals tech that it bought? Or use patents it bought from Aueal to kill A3D type tech from other companies? In what way is on board sound lacking compared to Creative products?